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Kelly Schehl - Photographer

Capturing the beauty and soul of a person. Every woman is beautiful. You deserve to give yourself and a friend a day of beauty, pampering and fun! And let me show you your beauty through my eyes.

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AddressAustin, TX
United States
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Kelly Schehl has always been a creative soul. During childhood and on into adulthood, she has pursued many activities, from music, poetry, drama, drawing, crafting, building, etc., to express that need to be creative. In 2004, she graduated from University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a B.F.A. in graphic design. Kelly took some time off for family time, doing personal projects in her home, and offering freelance graphic design services for non-profit organizations. She was introduced to black and white film photography in college as a required course and maintained a silent but growing desire to learn more. Her love for photography really flourished when her first born son arrived, and it was quickly apparent the need for something more than a point and shoot camera.

After getting her first DSLR camera, Kelly had an increasing desire to grow in photography. Kelly has since completed the photography certificate at UT and intends to continue her photography education. She has also attended several workshops and other photography related events, continuously pushing herself to learn new skills. Her passion is to capture authentic moments, tell a story, and create art. Additionally, she views photography as being about people, desiring to connect, uplift and encourage others as much as possible.

Friends would describe Kelly as creative, stylish, intelligent, devoted, honest, loving, gentle, reserved, kind, persevering, having a blunt and sarcastic sense of humor, etc. Kelly’s photography strengths lie in capturing the beauty and soul of a person. Her primary focus is on heirloom quality portraits for women and girls.

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